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The Marine Concepts Difference

We offer the finest quality products to ensure a beautifully constructed environment.

Marine Concepts uses cell-cast acrylics and starphire glass for custom builds.

Wet-dry filters, refugiums, and sumps are locally constructed.

All food and chemicals are provided for, along with all fish, coral and live rock to choose from.

  • Free On-Site Consultations

  • Reef, Marine & Freshwater Aquarium Service

  • Trained Maintenance Professionals

  • Custom Designed Aquariums & Custom Cabinetry

  • Unique AquaScaping of Reefs & Marine Aquaria.

  • 24/7 Service at Any Convenient Hour for your Home or Business

  • We work with many local Fish Stores & Wholesalers

  • Custom Aquariums – Glass (Starphire), Acrylic, Eurobraced & Rimless Tanks

  • Standard Aquariums – Nanos

  • Custom & Standard Sumps & Filtration systems

  • High Powered Energy efficient CREE L.E.D. lighting

  • RODI Systems (Spectapure) & Cartridge Refills

  • Internal & External Marine Pumps & Pressure Pumps.

  • Skimmers – Precision Marine, ReefOctopus, ETS & ASM

  • Filtration Media – Carbon – Phosphate Sponge – GFO

  • Saltwater Chemicals & Trace Elements

  • & so much More

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